About Me

I am an #rstats and open science enthusiast. I currently work at Utah State University as a Research Assistant Professor. I serve as a methodologist on several research teams, and develop accessible data tools. This site contains my blog and other open resources for learning data analysis.

Recent Posts

Using `mice` and `furniture` to understand missing data

I get a lot of questions about how to investigate missing values in a data set. So I’m putting this short post together to help me better explain how to handle it.

Bayesian Power Analysis with `data.table`, `tidyverse`, and `brms`

I’ve been studying two main topics in depth over this summer: 1) data.table and 2) Bayesian statistics. I’ve loved learning both and, in this post, I will combine them into a single workflow.

Why I Chose to Learn `data.table` (and such related things)

The data.table package has been a fun thing to learn about this week.

`data.table` and Text Analysis: Analyzing the Four Gospels

I am really enjoying quantitative text analysis as of late, sparked by a project I helped on regarding Autoscore. I’ve also had the desire to use data.table more often in my work. A post showing data.table being used with pipes (which I tweeted about here) got me really going.

`rinstalled` for Keeping Your Packages When Updating R

When we update R to a new version, the packages you downloaded for the previous version won’t get loaded. Some code has been dispersed to take care of this, but there are so notably shortcomings to this.

Using Jamovi: Chi Square

This post is part of a series–demonstrating the use of Jamovi–mainly because some of my students asked for it. Notably, this is using version Today’s topic is correlation and linear regression.